Pendekezo Letu (PKL) is a Kenyan, non-religious, non-governmental organization established in 1997. Pendekezo Letu specializes in assisting children and youth in street situations, their families and other vulnerable children living in marginalized urban communities in Kenya to access their fundamental rights:

  • A caring family environment, education, and information.

  • Protection from neglect, violence and exploitation.

  • Justice & healthcare.

  • Increase their opportunities for sustainable development.

Our Approach

PKL uses a holistic approach to effectively respond to social inequalities, by involving all key actors and by providing service delivery combined with applying a rights-based approach. It supports families with basic needs and builds the capacity of deprived communities to effectively demand their basic rights to education, information, protection, justice, participation, health care and improved opportunities for development. Further PKL has adopted this approach in its programmes as demonstrated in the model below:

The Change We Thrive For

At Pendekezo Letu (PKL), we envision a future where children and youth, especially those living in poverty-stricken slums and forced to work in hazardous environments, can thrive. We understand that poverty is the root cause driving families to such desperate measures. Limited opportunities leave parents struggling to provide necessities like food, shelter, and education for their children. Our experience shows that even small increases in family income can have significant impact on their ability to care for their children. However, income alone isn't enough. Children in street situations are denied their fundamental rights in safety, protection, and healthcare. To break this cycle, we must empower everyone involved. This includes empowering families, communities, and local children protection agencies like schools and government departments to prioritize child well-being. By raising awareness of children's rights and strengthening the existing child protection systems, we can ensure these systems have a safe and nurturing environment to grow. Aditionally, advocating for better enforcement of government policies on education and juvenile justice, along with allocating proper resources, is crucial for creating a lasting impact.

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Okari Magati Boniface

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